A job at mtc offers the opportunity to work in and add value to a challenging, customer-oriented environment. Whether sought out proactively, through advertisement, or good acquaintance, every avenue of friendly contact and any potential opportunity is welcome at mtc.

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The basic agreements and general framework of our work have all been compiled in our employee guide. It serves as a common basis and creates reliability in a constantly changing environment. Read what you can expect from a job at mtc and vice versa.


Our Company

mtc is an information technology service provider in the middle of the beautiful Bergmannkiez in Berlin Kreuzberg. We are an owner-managed, independent and value-oriented company. Apart from the two founders, there are no investors, lenders or other partners. Values are a central and important component of mtc. They form the bonds that hold us together. Arne and Gunnar, the two owners, have cautiously strengthened these roots in our company with a great sense of proportion. They are present in daily meetings at the coffee machine, in team meetings and workshops as well as in cooperation with our customers.
We mainly work for medium-sized to large companies and support them in the support and further development of IT applications. However, we also help small companies or private individuals whom we may know from our neighborhood or even circle of acquaintances. Relationships and neighborhood help are important to us.

First Steps

You have probably already had a trail day and gotten to know some of your future colleagues. In the first phase of your work at mtc you will meet your team, the team leader and the division manager. A mentor selected beforehand will be your first contact person during the first phase. You will receive all necessary access to our systems and you will be able to familiarize yourself with everything you need to work. Then you are ready to go.
We recommend that you create your own area in our mtc documentation tool Confluence, the tool in which you are currently reading this guide. Here you can create your own personal profile and fill it with content. Both for our customers and for us it is important to know the potential of our company. And not only your technical skills are of interest to us. We like to combine all possible experiences that you have had along the way, such as hobbies or other important influences. We have people from many different professions working together to find the best possible solution for IT problems. Just ask your teammates how best to do it.

Your working time

You have agreed upon your weekly working hours with us in your employment contract. It generally amounts to 40 hours, which we perform almost without exception in a core working time of 10 – 16 o’clock. If you should have difficulties in keeping to this, you can obtain an exception in consultation with your team leader. You work either in the office or at the customer’s site. Working at other locations, such as working from home, depends on the requirements of your team and also requires consultation with your team leader. Our working and break times are regulated by law: In principle, your working time should not exceed 8 hours. If the working time is more than 6 hours, the prescribed break time is at least 30 minutes, if the working time is more than 9 hours, at least 45 minutes is needed for break time. We do not regard breaks as working time. It is your own responsibility to adhere to them, because at mtc we do not keep any (lifetime) working accounts. Even if the pull of the mtc and the customers can be enormous at some times, we ask every employee and team leader to pay attention to the contractually stipulated weekly working hours. A healthy balance between work and leisure time is an indispensable basis for excellent performance. If an employee’s workload cannot be reconciled with this working time in the long term, our agreements must be adjusted to restore the necessary balance.

Transparent working

We are convinced that a complete control of your work does not work. We recognize the desire for control by our customers, and answer it through professional transparency in the provision of services. We support the idea of an independent organisation of your work. In order to make our services measurable and plannable, we book them in our mtc ticket system JIRA. This allows us to see who is working on which tasks and whether these are in line with the agreed upon services. In addition, any overload or underload on our part and on that of our colleagues can be identified in good time. Above all, the ticket system should help us to better organize ourselves.
In addition, our bookings are the basis for the invoicing of services to our customers, which is why we focus especially on the booking that can be charged to the customer. It enables us to continue to exist in the long term. At the same time, the bookings enable us to determine the prices for our services and learn to estimate them better and better over time.


We book as up-to-date as possible. This means that we book in JIRA directly after the work has been completed. We book actual times. We do not book previously estimated target times, but the actual time spent on each task. This includes short breaks, meetings and coordination between colleagues, even if they are only indirectly related to the respective task. We book results. We describe all bookings with a short but understandable text: What is the concrete result of my work? Due to the diversity of contracts and requirements for our work, these booking principles will be supplemented and adapted in your teams by your team leaders into concrete rules.

Self-determed working

Mutual help in solving tasks, transparent work and uncomplicated coordination of votes are welcome and lived practice for us. They expand the potential of each individual colleague. But this can distract us and others from already agreed work, sometimes even overload it. Therefore, we are careful with voluntarily shared calendars or a consciously set status. Only attentiveness to the supposed accessibility and readiness of each individual gives each of us the opportunity to work self-determined on our task.

How we Harmonize

Successful communication is the key to understanding and the basis for functioning agreements in any form. The meetings determined by the team leaders are regarded as working time for everyone. There are different variants at mtc whose core formats are important for you.
Our aim is to reach agreements instead of just giving or following instructions. For us, agreements are the results of meetings on the basis of which we can become productive together. Please trust your mentor, the team leader or just read back if you want to learn more about our mtc meeting culture.

If you’re sick

If you are unable to work due to illness, please inform your team leader and the mtc personnel administration before the start of your first day of absence. This form of absence is booked by our personnel administration in our mtc personnel administration tool, Personio. Every mtc employee has access to this system, so it is also possible that you can enter illnesses or absences independently. Basically the following scenario applies:
Please submit a medical certificate valid from the 1st day of absence to the mtc personnel administration or your team leader and make sure that it is with us until the 3rd working day. For the care of a sick child, you are entitled to a continuation of your salary of up to 3 days per employee, child and year.

If you go on a journey for us

The costs of business trips are reimbursed by mtc. Please discuss the general conditions, bookings and costs with your team leader in advance, so that we create and pass along an appropriate itinerary and travel plan to our service department, which protects both us and our customers from unnecessary costs. Everything can be organized and booked for you in the service department. Subsequently, please submit a written travel expense statement by the 15th of the following month at the latest. We will refund your expenses within 14 days. The daily rates for meals during a business trip depend on the legal regulations for that country.


Working remotely

We are open to a wide range of cooperation concepts. In principle, we sit in the same room as the team. But we also sometimes lock ourselves into project rooms in order to work on joint tasks in smaller groups. In workshops and skill groups, we use the dynamics and breadth of communication of cross-team groups, but also support the approach of approaching certain tasks undisturbed and focused in the home office. We strive to ensure maximum freedom for our employees.
We would like to follow the intuition and needs of our employees, but in such situations we need your courage to be transparent. Please work this out with your team leader, because it will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Openly communicated difficulties in achieving the agreed results contribute to strengthening mutual trust. We are sensitive to the fact that the cause is not always immediately apparent to all participants.


A conscious and attentive holiday can help to achieve a good balance between work and relaxation. We recommend that you make full use of your holiday each year. Colleagues who work full-time at mtc are granted 30 days per year. If you work according to a different hour model (part-time), it will be reduced proportionately. Please take the holiday in consultation with the team leader. It is also applied for in our mtc personnel administration tool Personio and approved by the mtc personnel administration and the responsible team leader. The information about the status of the holiday account can be found there at any time. If you are actually not able to make full use of your entitlement, please take the remaining leave from the previous year until 30.04. of the current year.
Only in absolutely exceptional cases are we prepared to find other regulations here. Special leave of one day is granted for the birth of your own children and your own wedding. This also applies to bereavements or, more precisely, to the loss of first and second degree relatives. If someone should move to another federal state for operational reasons, a day of special vacation is granted. If you feel constantly burned out and lack drive, talk to us about a way to take a longer time-out (e.g. a sabbatical). Our personnel administration can tell you here, how and under which conditions such a thing is possible.


mtc provides all internal employees with a laptop and a mobile phone. In addition, you are entitled to a workplace that is appropriate and equipped for your task. An exchange of obsolete technical equipment for the current model is possible upon request. In principle, we assume that carefully maintained work equipment will last 2-3 years.

Public Transportation

mtc covers the costs of a BVG, KVB or other environmental card in your place of residence. If you take out a subscription, the costs will be reimbursed monthly with your salary statement. Simply inform the service area when the subscription was taken out and prove the debits, for example with a current account statement. If you let us know in good time before the subscription expires whether you will extend your subscription or not, our service area can arrange the refunds. If you prefer to submit your vouchers individually, please do so by the 18th of the month at the latest, so that the personnel administration has sufficient time to process the vouchers for payroll.

Pension Plan

Every employee at mtc has the opportunity to pay into a pension fund with salary conversion (employee-financed). A good possibility to secure yourself for later times should that be of interest to you. Of course, everyone is free to participate in such a program. If you are interested, please contact the personnel administration.

Food and Drink

Coffee, tea, milk, water, juices and soft drinks are available free of charge to every employee in the office at Arndtstraße 34 and in Leverkusen. Fruit and vegetables are always available on the tables in the lounge and on the first floor. Feel free to participate with your feedback in the selection of the products we offer. We do not provide drinks with a sugar content of more than 10g. Every employee also has the opportunity to bring further food or drinks with him/herself and to store or prepare them in our tea kitchens.

Further Training (Weiterbildung)

Every full-time mtc employee has the right to participate in recognized events that serve political or professional further education and development. The contingent for this is 10 working days within two consecutive calendar years. In the case of part-time employment, the entitlement is reduced accordingly. Employees under the age of 25 are entitled to 10 working days within one calendar year. In addition, further training courses or visits to conferences are possible in consultation with the team leader. Education is a great asset and enriches our lives and is essential for our further development. In principle, all further training measures must be coordinated with the team leader and should be agreed as early as possible during the annual appraisal interview for the following year.

Personal Referrals

We prefer the personal recommendations of salaried employees for filling vacancies in our company. If your recommended candidate passes the probationary period and thus finds us permanently, we will reward your recommendation with 2000 €.


All Hands

Our monthly All-Hands-Meeting takes place on the first Wednesday of each month, and is a ritual cultivated at mtc for a long time and already a tradition. We gather in the lounge at Arndtstraße 34 and learn news and interesting facts from the areas and from our management. After a short discussion we eat together and spend the lunch time together. This gives everyone the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues from other teams at least once a month. Online participation is possible and especially important for our colleagues who cannot be on site, such as our colleagues in the Leverkusen office.

mtc Summer Party – Sommerfest

Once a year we invite colleagues and their families, our customers, partners and above all our friends from the neighborhood to the mtc Sommerfest in our courtyard and the wonderful rooms on the ground floor. We meet outside the usual framework of our work and leave the professional aside. Arne has traditionally prepared a speech that we eagerly await every year. Music, good food, dancing and animated conversations make every year an unforgettable evening, which connects us again and again.

mtc Yearly Kick-off

The beginning of every new year is another milestone for our company. Plans must be forged, projects acquired or already put into practice. After each mtc employee has spent the turn of the year in his or her preferred way, we create good conditions for the year ahead. Above all, however, it is an opportunity to set the tone, to renew resolutions or commitments, to let go of the past or even to dispose of it. Sometimes we meet to eat together, sometimes we work together on a social project, sometimes we shift the welcome to the team level. In the new year our organization will continue to develop and it is important to find the right way!

mtc Strategy Days

Once a year, at the beginning of the first quarter, the team and division managers together with the management retreat to our mtc Strategy Days. We work intensively for 3 days on our common alignment on the most important topics or projects.

An Annual employee interview

Is your chance outside the common framework with your superiors and in the presence of the personnel administration to coordinate the work in the team, the daily challenges, expressed and unspoken expectations or wishes. It is important to us not to correspond to an end in itself. In order to be valuable, this conversation needs all our attention and a “strong portion” of our guiding principals: friendliness, sincerity, courage.

To be observed


When working in the office at Arndtstraße 34, as well as in other places (home office, at the customer’s premises), we recommend, mainly for ergonomic reasons, the use of existing external screens and keyboards. The design of the workplace is in principle the responsibility of each individual employee, but in your own interest it should be in accordance with the requirements of the latest VDU work regulations. At mtc every internal employee has the possibility to enter all rooms (except the server rooms) of our company. Please protect your keys and transponders from unauthorized access by third parties. Please report any loss immediately to your team leader and the service area. You can read about the closing times of our offices and the use of our alarm system here.

Company phone

In principle, we have nothing against the moderate private use of stationary or mobile telephones. Please help us to avoid additional costs that may arise outside the individual rate package in the mobile phone contract (e.g. for roaming, international calls).

Company car

Company cars are either taxed at a flat rate (1% rule) or you keep a complete driver’s logbook recognized by the tax office. The use of the private vehicle for official reasons is possible after arrangement with the team leader and can be refunded over the travel expenses account.

Internet usage

The moderate use of the Internet for private purposes is expressly permitted. Special types of use (e.g. special protocols) and extreme intensity of use (mass or continuous downloads) should be agreed with the team leader or the service department. Technical or organisational measures, such as throttling, can be taken to maintain the quality of service for all employees. Manipulation of infrastructure components is reserved for the administrators assigned to this task.

Data Protection & Privacy

The sensitive and appropriate handling of the data of our customers and colleagues is obligatory for us. A look at our mtc privacy policy can help you to orient yourself to respect the personal right, trust and freedom of others. By signing your employment contract you acknowledge your commitment to this policy. In addition, we meet once a year in a company-wide workshop on the subject. Participation in this workshop is strongly recommended and documented.

Help with conflicts

Even in a company like mtc, there are moments when you can no longer deal with problems or situations on your own. This can be the complaint of a customer, the repeated disregard of an agreement made, but also fundamental difficulties with your work situation, such as overload or interpersonal misconduct. If such a situation should occur, please contact any team or area manager directly and without hesitation and ask for an employee interview, a One on One or an appropriate team meeting.
In our current organization chart you can see who is the right contact person for you in such situations. Should the conflict not be resolved by simple means of communication and consequently move to the level of the manager, conversations will also be held from this point in time which have a context responsible for human resources. Should the problem not be solved here either, the further discussions will take place with the direct involvement of the two managing directors as the highest and last instance. If this should happen, a final decision will be made on how to deal with the solution to the problem. In the talks we have during this period, we want to work out the difference between the cause of the conflict and the effects, i.e. the situation that is often perceived as “negative”. In this way, such situations can be useful to us, to make necessary changes in our company, to adapt processes and to find new answers to emerging challenges and problems.

We categorically reject any form of discrimination or disadvantage on the basis of gender, race, ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation and will respond to such conduct calmly and deliberately but consistently.