Sitecore Web Development


The old customer website was based on a completely outdated CMS. They wanted a modern "state-of-the-art" website, responsive, and additional functionality. There were hardly any standards until then.


The newly developed website takes into account the strong growth of the company:

  • Modern & future-proof
  • Component-based
  • Easy to extend through editors

Our Project Tasks

  • Scrum-based project management
  • Development of user stories
  • Refinement
  • Planning
  • Development
  • Review
  • Rollout
  • Bugfixing (on Demand)
  • Consulting
  • Conception
  • Support/Maintenance


We've provided a functional, modern, dynamically expandable website that meets the client's requirements. Authors can create new pages or update content with little training. Complex forms simplify and support the sale of all kinds of products (insurance, membership, etc.).

Added Value

The conversion rate has increased significantly. Customer and employee satisfaction has also increased. New functions and easier usability has led to savings in working time and money. The component-based design of the system simplifies maintenance and reduces susceptibility to errors.


  • Sitecore 9.3
  • TypeScript
  • TerrificJS
  • Azure Cloud
  • SQL
  • Selenium
  • GlassMapper


The contract period has been extended again and again since the start of the first project phase in 2016.