Data Visualization


Before the project began, all information was reported to the treasury department via Excel lists and processed for evaluation purposes. The result was a flood of data that was difficult to manage, non-standardized and prepared manually on a monthly basis for use in board reports, among other things.


Project Requirements:

  • Automatic consolidation of reports
  • Central storage of current and historical data
  • Automatic preparation of data for management and control
  • Automatically generated reports for different groups of recipients

Our Project Tasks:

  • Data and process analysis
  • Standardization via templates
  • Import automation
  • Preparation and migration of historical data
  • Consulting and realization of visualizations and reports
  • Hypercare


The implemented solution impresses with an automated collection, consolidation and preparation of all data, including the possibility of manual data correction by the customer. As desired, the data is held centrally within the company. Editable data sets, flexible reports, interactive dashboards as well as freely configurable master and control data enable a contemporary and efficient processing and evaluation of company-relevant data and information.

Added Value

In addition to the significant increase in data quality and reliability, above all a noticeable and measurable increase in efficiency was achieved throughout the entire process. This could be seen after only a short period of time through distributed, asynchronous work on common goals and thus improved cooperation between all sites and countries. In addition, evaluations of historical data with potential for future predictions are now possible.


  • Microsoft Integration Services
  • Microsoft SQL
  • MicroStrategy Enterprise


“Also from me again a big thank you for the super cooperation this year. Thank you very much for the convincing result!“ (Head of Finance/Treasury)