The ser­vice sec­tor offers con­trol and sup­port pro­ces­ses, making it the back­bone of every per­for­mance gene­ra­ted by our spe­cia­list fiel­ds.

In doing so, we expand mtc’s clas­sic back office by pro­vi­ding manage­ment, admi­ni­stra­ti­on and pro­duct ser­vices.

Our ser­vice employees work clo­se­ly and in con­stant exchan­ge with the other spe­cia­list are­as, our pro­duc­tion and rese­arch work­shops, and joint­ly deve­lo­ped con­cepts are desi­gned to har­mo­ni­ze pro­ces­ses and make them more effi­ci­ent.

The ser­vice sec­tor acts as a link and faci­li­ta­tes the flow of cross-sec­to­ral pro­ces­ses. We pro­du­ce fear-free agree­ments, uni­ver­sal­ly dis­cus­sed mea­su­res, and mutual­ly agreed upon objec­tives. Rules are har­mo­ni­zed with gui­de­li­nes and inst­ruc­tions upon agree­ments, which are joint­ly deve­lo­ped, with our values , thus gua­ran­te­e­ing a ste­ady deve­lop­ment of the com­pa­ny.

We enhan­ce pro­fes­sio­nal com­pe­tence with ser­vice-ori­en­ted com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on simul­ta­neous­ly. Spe­cial part­nerships can emer­ge through our exten­si­ve port­fo­lio and a wide ran­ge of coope­ra­ti­on models.