WKO Team – Digital rollouts for global brands

mtc is an agile company with dedicated teams which offer expertise and experience in the digital world of development and support. We live in a digital world but we strive to offer digital support and solutions for humans. I will take the next few weeks and highlight these teams and the individuals that comprise them. There is a lot going on at mtc and I would like to take the opportunity to share it.

WKO Team – Digital rollouts for global brands

Our Web Koordinator team (WKO) rolls out websites to local and global markets. They act as a specialized partner by helping clients achieve each of their unique goals. Something of a Web Agency 2.0 you might say. Whether it be orchestrating large-scale international projects with worldwide rollouts or flexibly managing smaller projects within our community, our WKO team is focused on aiding customers with dedicated and responsible digital solutions.


The WKO team’s strengths lie in reviewing website designs, adding creativity and determining feasibility – all while focusing on fast and dependable launch times. They have aided in adapting websites for different clients across hundreds of countries and in a multitude of different languages, all while being agile, flexible and creative. Our senior web coordinator has over 18 years of experience in an industry where need is great but supply is limited and our team has the unique ability to create websites with the foresight to penetrate international markets and roll out projects on the big stage.


For the WKO team, reliability, liability, obligation, and commitment is the mantra. They obtain projects through hard work and success, while establishing trust quickly and expanding their client base most often by nothing more than word of mouth. They take establishing trust very seriously and aim to do so right off the bat. And at the heart of it all, they pride themselves on providing quality support and service. We are an IT company after all.


Using proven success with some of the pharmaceutical industry’s big players as well as smaller projects supporting our friends and neighbors right here in Berlin, Kreuzberg, the WKO team has been steadily preparing itself for the future –  and they are ready to broaden their horizons. In fact, the team would love to have more opportunities to design websites from scratch and to build them from the ground up. To one day make the WKO team synonymous with the international web agencies of London or New York. mtc has designers and programmers on hand and has the capacity to handle operations from end to end. A digital full service provider. The WKO team shares this passion of working together in supporting something in which they are truly passionate about. They offer a full spectrum of unique backgrounds and interests and would love the opportunity for these to shine through in their work. They have the tools, they have the support, they have the orchestrator. Now they are ready to give it a shot.


While it’s nice to use buzzwords and outline expertise, the truth is, our competitors have the same tools and the same buzzwords. Everybody has the skills and knows the technology well. Most companies have experts in the field. We do it calmly. We keep a beginners mind so our experts don’t lose focus and creativity in solving problems. We send people who can breathe into toxic environments because they carry our values with them. We have our own culture and our own mindset and that shows in our work. We sense, we foresee, we categorize and we respond. And we aim to do it faster than our clients and we strive do it better than our competitors. In short. We help others do their tasks. We support others in the task of doing their task. Clients, customers and colleagues alike. That is what sets us apart.


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