Where is our SCD team?

I went upstairs this afternoon to speak with somebody about the upcoming Tech Café. And I walked into an otherwise bustling office to find it totally empty. With the exception of one lonesome coworker, busily typing away…

He told me that today was the go-live date for a huge project which had most of the SCD (SiteCore Development) team working from home because they needed to get a very early start.

This has been an exciting project for mtc and he was more than happy to fill me in on the details.

So what I understand is that a customer of ours has a handful of people on staff (I imagine they sit in a dark room, like in The Matrix) and they scan news articles and label and dispatch them into relevant areas of their company’s vast universe. Come across an article about delayed FDA approval for a new drug, and they would send it to R and D (research and development ). Even the CEO gets a docket with relevant news.

So let’s imagine that The Matrix, the clusters of dark screens with the scrolling green text, had a prettier user interface, which was more user-friendly and easier to understand for normal humans. Can you picture it? This is what we created at mtc. A unique and specialized news feed aggregator, so to speak, which allows these matrix-like people to quickly search and filter relevant articles and other media. And by quickly I mean, like, super fast. They can scroll through content from all over the world and assess, at lightning speed, how and if it is relevant for their company.

Now I am probably not accurately describing this project because I have not been directly involved, but I have worked for big companies in the past which constantly posted and distributed up-to-date company relevant news, on the hour, pertaining to our industry/department, and I always wondered where it came from. Pretty cool to finally be on the other side.

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