mtc kicks off

Last Thursday night mtc had its start of the year annual kick-off shindig, or Jahresauftakt, as we like to call it. A small and personable affair held on site, hosted and organized by us. Various dishes were cooked and brought in, showcasing the diverse tastes and cultures which make mtc, mtc. The mood was relaxed and the atmosphere was light and jovial. After a busy year, it was great to see everyone come together in a non-work and stress-free environment. There was no fanfare or awards, no presentations, just a genuine bond that felt more like a family gathering than a company party. An opportunity to let go of the past and make room for our future. Our founders gave a small speech, our co-workers grilled a small feast, and everyone had plenty to eat and drink and be merry about. Another year in the books and a new one already well underway. I had to leave early unfortunately but I returned to work in the morning to find everything more or less cleaned up and put away. We are a diligent bunch if I do say so myself. And if it weren’t for the lingering, slightly pungent odor of the smoky grill and a company fridge stocked with tasty leftovers, one might never know that a party had even taken place.

I gave it a few days before I went around and asked my coworkers what the start of the new work year means for them. The general feeling was a sense of optimism and change. Like we are on the verge of something new. Something exciting. The beginning of every new year is always a big milestone for our company and rightfully so. We have wrapped up some big projects with some long-standing clients in the course of the last year which has opened up a lot of options in terms of which direction we chose to go in 2019.

Starting tomorrow, our management team will journey to a remote location and spend the next 3 days together at our annual strategy workshop. Working together to set the tone and to collectively plot the course for the new year. Personally, I am looking forward to finding out what that course will be. What changes await us. What challenges and obstacles lie in our path. A collective feeling of optimism and change hangs in the air as we begin the new year. As we start to branch out and diversify. A new year which we now have the freedom and resources to create new relationships with new clients and the size and capacity to provide industry standard services to new customers.


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