Knowledge Transfer

We have a lot of smart people at mtc. A lot of people from different backgrounds, experiences, countries, even. That means we have a lot of knowledge floating around these parts, bouncing off company walls. But how do we discover it? How do we harness it? How do we share it?

We have All Hands, our monthly town hall meeting. And we have development news, service news, support news. We also have the mtc series – a place where knowledge and experiences are explored and shared, to a certain degree at least.  It works quite well but I think it could be more. Better. Bigger. Faster. Stronger. I think the could have more topics, more outside influence, more guests presenting and sharing. More people attending.

Someone sent me this article yesterday about the best drugs to unlock your true brain. Which is funny because I always thought your true brain was your brain when you are not on drugs. I didn’t realize all this time (except for a couple weekends in college, sorry mom) that I was operating with some sort of sober, fake, un-true brain.

My point is, there are all sorts of pressures and expectations and tips to work harder, learn smarter, hack the system, remember more, wake up earlier, exercise harder and smarter, unlock your true potential. To do it all now before it’s too late. Buy this system, use this hack, read this list. It’s pretty overwhelming and stressful and I think it is mostly false promise. I think we are surrounded by everything we need. We just have to look up from our computers once in a while to see it. There are a lot of ways to transfer knowledge. We can sit in on meetings from other departments, use tools and systems. Hire consultants. I think one of the best, easiest and often most overlooked way to get up and simply ask someone. If they don’t have an answer they can probably point you to somebody who does. It happens to me here all the time. Don’t ask me though, most of the things I remember are useless. So much so that I have earned the nickname, Scott – random facts – Crawford.

“Did you know 7 percent of American adults believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows?”

See, how is that supposed to help us?

But just the other day I discovered that people at mtc are very eager to learn and to understand what other people and teams are doing here. They want to know and to be a part of it too. Eager to jump in and help out.

And I have learned other stuff too. It doesn’t always have to be work related ya know. I’ve learned about physics, front end development, domain driven design, how to properly grill meat the German way, and I can’t wait to learn more about our Jira systems tomorrow during our series Jira CoLearning workshop. I’ve learned about dispatching, rock climbing, graphic design, meditation, and how to make a really good cappuccino with just the right amount of foam. I’ve learned patience and the importance of keeping your cool during tense situations, that it is okay to be afraid of the company alarm system as long as you respect the alarm system. I’ve learned a lot and I am interested in facilitating ways and creating environments for our teams and coworkers to learn a lot too. Communication is a lot about listening. If you listen, you will learn. And there is a lot to be heard at mtc.

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