You look tired

Someone told me I looked tired today. It happens a lot in Germany. It never used to happen in America. This could mean one of two things: I never looked tired in America. Germans are more honest than Americans. I think it is the latter. To be honest, I like the honesty. I think it […]

mtc kicks off

Last Thursday night mtc had its start of the year annual kick-off shindig, or Jahresauftakt, as we like to call it. A small and personable affair held on site, hosted and organized by us. Various dishes were cooked and brought in, showcasing the diverse tastes and cultures which make mtc, mtc. The mood was relaxed […]

Knowledge Transfer

We have a lot of smart people at mtc. A lot of people from different backgrounds, experiences, countries, even. That means we have a lot of knowledge floating around these parts, bouncing off company walls. But how do we discover it? How do we harness it? How do we share it? We have All Hands, our monthly […]

Tech Café

Move over Dev News. There’s a new kid in town. Tech Café – Hosted by mtc’s development department and brought to you by the mtc series will make it’s technologically caffeinated debut on Thursday, February 21st, 2019! Every third Thursday of the month (say that 5 times fast) from 14:00 – 15:30, tech topics will […]

WKO Team – Digital rollouts for global brands

mtc is an agile company with dedicated teams which offer expertise and experience in the digital world of development and support. We live in a digital world but we strive to offer digital support and solutions for humans. I will take the next few weeks and highlight these teams and the individuals that comprise them. […]

Happy Monday

A lot of people don’t like Mondays. I know this because I hear it often. How was your weekend? Too short. Can’t believe it’s Monday. I don’t like Mondays.” I don’t get it. What makes Monday worse than, lets say, Friday for example. Are you better rested on a Friday? Are you more prepared on […]

the holodeck

What is a holodeck? A fictional plot device from the television series Star Trek. It is presented as a staging environment in which participants may engage with different virtual reality environments. What is the holodeck at mtc? A large multi-purpose room to house mtc’s biggest meetings and trainings. What was happening in the holodeck today? […]

Where is our SCD team?

I went upstairs this afternoon to speak with somebody about the upcoming Tech Café. And I walked into an otherwise bustling office to find it totally empty. With the exception of one lonesome coworker, busily typing away… He told me that today was the go-live date for a huge project which had most of the […]

getting things done

I just cleared my desk and closed all my applications. I put my phone on airplane mode and disconnected myself from the internet. I even printed out a sign that says “please do not disturb” and placed it on my desk. I set a timer for 25 minutes and I have officially entered deep work. […]

It’s just food

I am supposed to write a blog for our website today but I just can’t quite seem to find the right words. Normally I pick one from the week (the best one or the one most relevant to what we are working on) and upload it on Friday to If I haven’t gotten something […]