It’s just food

I am supposed to write a blog for our website today but I just can’t quite seem to find the right words.

Normally I pick one from the week (the best one or the one most relevant to what we are working on) and upload it on Friday to If I haven’t gotten something in mind by Friday afternoon, the pressure mounts. Then, it’s on me to create one out of thin air, on the spot, with the Friday afternoon deadline looming ever nearer… So it is 17:07 on a Friday evening and I STILL don’t have one, which leaves me with a tough dilemma. Do I force something? Do I try and write something subpar, that I am half proud of, just for the sake of meeting a deadline? Do I stay until midnight and force some inspiration? Or do I just, let it go?

It’s not that I don’t have a list of things I could write about. It’s just that I don’t have the mojo, for lack of a better word. I want to write about the (in my opinion, the really really well done, inspiring and informative All Hands (our monthly company-wide meeting)) from last Wednesday. My favorite of the year so far. In fact, there are many points I could take from it and spin into a good blog. Our dependence on some of our biggest customers and what it means for own identity. Saying yes to change and always being open. To trust and relax and that we shouldn’t be afraid to question things we often deem to be normal or routine. I could write about the interface we are creating for one of our customers, to streamline their ordering process. I could write about our website or Patent Scenario, our patent forecaster which is actually a tool that we at mtc are developing ourselves, which makes it really important and exciting. These are all on my list of course. And I should be writing more about our other customers too, those right here in this very neighborhood even. But I simply don’t have it today and I have decided I am not going to force it. So what will happen? Probably nothing. I think we will all survive. With ever demanding customers and projects, it is often easy to get caught up in the deadlines that we absolutely HAVE to deliver on, and if we don’t deliver now the whole world will explode. It probably won’t. That’s just the reality of it. Everything will probably be just fine.

When I worked in the kitchen of a busy restaurant (a very high stress, high energy environment) people would constantly yell at each other and crack under the pressure. To try and keep things in perspective and keep everyone calm, we would always tell each other “it’s just food.” When someone would lose their cool or a customer would demand something, or someone would start crying… We would always tell ourselves to calm down. Trust and breathe. And most importantly, don’t stress. After all, it’s just food. I still tell myself this, even in non-food related situations. And it works. I have been in a bit of a funk this week and I am going to the Harz mountains to try and clear my head. Hopefully, when I get back on Monday I will be recharged and ready to go. But I don’t have any expectations really. We give a lot to this company and to our customers. And we trust that we are always trying to do our best job here, and we should forgive ourselves when we don’t.

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