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Happy Monday

A lot of people don’t like Mondays. I know this because I hear it often.

How was your weekend? Too short. Can’t believe it’s Monday. I don’t like Mondays.”

I don’t get it. What makes Monday worse than, lets say, Friday for example. Are you better rested on a Friday? Are you more prepared on Friday? Are people generally in a better mood on a Friday? Do you have less work?  I know it sounds funny (and maybe even a bit obnoxious) but I like Monday’s. I think Mondays deserve a chance. All days should be created equal.

I like Monday’s because it serves a fresh start. A fresh shot at a new week. And mostly, living solely for the weekend is not sustainable, in my personal opinion.

What makes my Mondays extra enjoyable is my quick weekly visit to the Wohnheim Nostitzstraße, a center and residence which is focused on providing a better living situation for alcoholics. Just a few blocks away, they serve as a solution for homeless who do cannot or do not want to stop drinking and would otherwise not be able to get off this streets.

The reason for my weekly visit: to deliver fruit to the residence. I think by now most of you know that mtc donates half of our fruit every week to the full time residence there. For every banana you eat, mtc gives one back to the community. For every grape you pop into your mouth, mtc pops one back. For the last few months I have had the honor of delivering this fruit. I say honor because it is the best part of my day, hands down. I choose to take the 9 minute journey by foot and I use the time to think. To ponder and reflect on my previous week and to prepare for the week ahead. It has been my routine now for the better half of a year. I get a lot of joy out of hand-delivering the goods every Monday afternoon. Checking in and seeing what is needed, spending a few minutes chatting.

To spread the wealth even further, I would like to give you, yes YOU, habitual readers of the mtc blog, the opportunity to volunteer for one of the weeks to follow. To bring the fruit on by. To serve as a friendly face of the company, to find some joy in doing something worthwhile, and to take a small moment out of your day to reflect. If this seems like something which would bring you joy, please come see me or reply in the comments.

I think it is a very positive thing we do here and I am happy to be a part of it. Maybe you will find joy in it too and maybe, if you are having a rough start to the week, your Monday will be made slightly better in the process.

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