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“When I search for new additions to the team, I always look for a “Trüf­fel­schwein”. Someone who searches for, and is good at sniffing out bugs and finding solutions. They fit well to the team because most problems we encounter from our customers are really complex. So you have to find a way to solve them without refactoring the whole project. That describes our daily work pretty well. “


– Sebastian JET Team TK



Meet the JET team.  Solvers of problems and fixers of bugs.


The team is an eclectic mix, coming from different backgrounds and different skill sets. Gamers, app creators, front-end developers, java enthusiasts – the acronym JET stands for Java Enterprise technologies.

Java is a popular computing platform for developing applications and is used quite often in the IT industry where many different software programs often need to interact and depend on one another seamlessly. And Java enterprise or J2EE, is a newer, more advanced version of java which allows you to develop and run more advanced applications and systems. This is what our JET team at mtc does. They develop and create tools for modeling how entire organizations work and are tasked in solving a wide range of problems in creating business applications built for huge processes and equally huge companies


Currently, they are developing the user interface for, our internal patent project which provides online access to millions of patent documents worldwide. The team also helps our customers manage content with complex content management systems, as well as approvals with approval process management software. They recently merged with our .biz team, a group more focused on BI (Business Intelligence) which has given them the potential to open up more projects using big data to help our customers understand and optimize their business processes on a larger scale.


The merge has also brought about some challenges. How to best utilize the team’s individual skill sets and combine them in a way that allows each team to operate to their full potential. Another challenge for the JET team is that much of the framework they use is new and constantly changing. They can’t simply google things for help as the documentation doesn’t often exist. This means the team is constantly handling demanding tasks and navigating the uncharted waters of modern technologies.

While the team is content with problem-solving, managing, developing and maintaining, they are also itching to tap into their creative energy. JET is always looking for active projects outside of our current customer base. Anything where they have the freedom to create something from scratch.  Any java based project with some front end would suit the team well or any open source project where they have to create the code themselves. These are things the team loves to do in free time as well but would love the opportunity to do it at work. These are their strengths.



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