Me, myself and I

I had to pick a daily blog post to go on our mtc website this week and came to a sad realisation. All of my stuff is written in the first person and nearly all of my posts begin with “I”

Look. Even this one…. I don’t mean to. It just happens. I don’t mean to be so self-centered. I mean, I do live in my own head most of the time and I do spend a lot of my private time alone. But really I am not that  interesting. So why am I always writing about myself. I would guess it is probably because I don’t know most of you all that well. Sure some people have different lives in and outside of work or have a clear distinction between their private and professional existence and that is certainly ok. But I don’t even know most of you all that well professionally. And that is a pretty big chunk of my job.

I am sure that many people are perfectly happy with anonymity here, while others, like my mom for example, would already know every detail about every person. Theres no right or wrong. We are all different.

I would like to shed more light on the many people that work here. The various personalities and characters. Many people who are probably much more interesting than myself. I know first hand that often times we only know what is happening within our project and our team. But I feel that the more we know one another the more likely we will be able to connect and to ask for help and to collaborate and learn from other departments and other teams and other people. That was one aim of this blog. To investigate and report, to use stories to connect. Lately I have been stuck in a small Scott Crawford bubble and I think it is time I branch out and explore.

I have thought about employee stories. Or weekly employee interviews. Highlight different people and the projects we are working on. What have we learned and what could we share. Showcase teams and projects and find out what makes mtc tick. Or maybe something more unconventional. I am open to ideas. These things, perhaps seemingly trivial, are important to me. They give more life and culture and personal flavour to our work environment. There is this really interesting article about a page on reddit where people share pictures of the inside of there fridge and people have to guess what kind of person they are. Not sure how this fits into this blog post but I thought it was cool and wanted to share it nevertheless. I never realised how intimate and private something like the inside of someones fridge could be.

Some people eat lunch in large groups. Some of us go alone. Some of us probably schedule our whole day around lunch. Some of us skip it so are able to leave for home a bit earlier. Some of us are exactly the same person here as we are at home and some of us live a different life entirely. It doesn’t really matter. We all work at mtc and in this sense we are all connected.

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