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Are we modern enough?

A quick google search reveals some pretty promising results…

28 Collaboration tools your team is missing

50 meeting tools to ensure your team is always connected

15 tools to help your team collaborate better than ever!

So how do we keep up with the ever flowing influx of new tools and promised shortcuts? I’m willing to bet that if my team is using 28 different collaboration tools we are most certainly not collaborating effectively.

I wrote about scarcity and innovation yesterday and maybe it’s time we look for solutions from within. Master the tools we already have. Half of us aren’t even using slack on a daily basis so how are  we supposed to take on 27 other tools that we are supposedly missing? I think most of what we need in the form of collaboration can be found within our trusty friend slack or its integratable (is that a word?) apps.

Yesterday Elisa Kruse , Yara Pavel and Krystina Hirsemann discovered first hand that the slack call function is actually really quite great. You could share screens, edit documents in excel, confluence, and google docs simultaneously all while engaging in a conference or video call. There is even a marker tool which allows you to draw funny pictures, er, I mean, highlight important project milestones.

You can schedule one on one meetings in slack or invite the whole channel and let the collaboration begin!

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