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Rehumanize Ourselves

I was scrolling through our website the other day and realized that there is hardly a mention of the humans that work here.

Sure, some of us are more private than others and many of us don’t want our pictures plastered all over the internet.

But is there a way to make our website more human, more personal without having a traditional meet the team page with headshots?

While it may not be important for us if our picture or information is on our website, it does give our company a bit more personality and helps recruitment.

We want to attract good people and our website might be a good place to show off our personality here at mtc.

And maybe it is just me but most people want to work at a company that has, well, other people, right?

We thought of traditional options in the past and even non-traditional ones like the nerds do star wars pictures you see at the top of the page.

What do we do about the future? Do we keep it the way it is? Do we revisit past ideas or do we try something totally new?

Below are a couple of my favorites to give some inspiration.

Tell me what you think.

Sub Rosa – People bring in a few personal items which define them to display in the picture.
Lateral – People follow the arrow of the mouse around the screen.
Blue Fountain Media – When you hover your mouse over the different teams, people walk out of the picture.
Latitude – Does cartoons instead of pictures.

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