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Innovation at the click of a button.

Scarcity drives innovation. That is why prisoners are so innovative. But we at mtc have a lot. And we can come and go as we choose. So how do we stay innovative?

One way is through our newly created mtc Innovations List(s)

The lists are a source for ideas and innovation proposals from the fields of service, support and development.

The responsible BLs in each area oversee their list and can design it according to the needs of the teams.

Once a month a maximum of 2 ideas are extracted which can be presented or introduced by our division managers. These ideas and innovations then have the opportunity to be implemented.

Does it work? Just ask Udo Blumensaat . A few weeks back he posted the idea in the innovation list to clear out the (rarely used) ping pong table and replace it with a (previously rarely used) couch and table from one of the other meeting rooms. The next morning, Udo showed up at work to see that his idea had indeed come to fruition.  

The space which was basically just a giant buffet table with a net for mtc grill Abend is now a functional meeting space. Innovation at the click of a button indeed.


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