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Create. Destroy. Rebuild.

I saw it on the back of a jacket on my way to lunch today. It seemed quite fitting to the current state of the English classes here at mtc. After working long and hard to create a plan that could successfully accommodate everyone’s English levels and busy work schedules, I destroyed it. I introduced the Flexible English Plan. The one that is currently in effect. You know, the one with the phrase “Picking your weekly English class is as easy as 1, 2, 3.” Catchy right? It sounded great on paper but I must say that it is struggling mightily. Strangely enough, most of the feedback is great but it never quite caught on like how I envisioned. People are not attending in the same numbers in which they used to. The want to learn English is there, but the class sizes are dwindling. I need to rebuild. Sometimes you can plan for something which appears to be foolproof on paper. But once you implement it, it fails. It’s like buying a couch that will fit perfectly in that empty corner of the room and people will use it every day and it will be the most beloved piece of furniture in your entire apartment and…. and then, you buy it, put it in the corner, and nobody sits on it. So now I am throwing the proverbial couch out once again. Well parts of it anyways. I am going back to the traditional, non-flexible English plan of before. Everyone will have a dedicated class that they can anticipate and plan around each week. PLUS they will have the added benefit that if they miss their class or it is canceled, they have other options. A marriage of old and new, if you will. This is just one step in a long process of refinement. Perfecting a system which will never be perfect. But as long as my intentions are good and I continue to strive towards improvement, I know I will always be headed in the right direction.

Created by Scott Crawford

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