The Once Around

I have a weird habit of having to brand everything or give everything some dumb/creative name. Workshops can’t simply be called workshops. They have to be something clever like the series or the aptly named WHEW! Maybe it is my American blood. Everything needs to be marketable!

I also love giving everything ridiculously narrow time windows. I only spend 15 minutes writing this blog for example. And 15 minutes reviewing and refining it before posting. I am a big fan of quick meetings and have introduced the Lean Coffee meeting concept to a few of you around the office. I think deadlines are good for productivity and creativity.

I also love walking. I realized the other day that I almost never walk anymore. Walking is probably really good for you according to some study somewhere. I ride my bike to work, door to door and that only gives me a few moments in between where I get to walk places.  I miss it. Steve Jobs used to love to walk too. He was famous for it in fact. He held most of his long brainstorming sessions while walking with his colleagues or customers. Mark Zuckerberg is also a proponent of walking in the workplace and it seems to have worked out pretty well for that guy. Maybe they are onto something.  It’s really nothing groundbreaking but you can read more about it here if you want. The meeting hack loved by CEOs at Google, Facebook and LinkedIn

Anyways, I decided to combine my love for these three aforementioned things and I created something that has the potential to help out some of the communication processes here at mtc and inject new energy into an otherwise dull and boring meeting. I call it (… cue the drum-roll …)

The once around

The once around is a walking meeting within a ridiculously narrow time window with a catchy marketing name.

The once around. 7 minutes, 600 meters, unlimited possibilities.

The once around is one time around the block. No more, no less.

Pick the topic, leave the gates, start the meeting. Head east to Friesenstraße and go up the hill. Walk west towards Chamissoplatz and back down the hill. Head right, back through the gates at Arndtstraße 34, meeting adjourned.

There is no more time wasting, although if it is a really, really big issue maybe you could give it the twice around but we shouldn’t be getting ahead of ourselves just yet…


If anything comes up at mtc that needs discussion, argument, brainstorming, or working out, simply tell your co-worker. Hey, should we give it the once around?

Trying to brainstorm some creative new project strategy? Just give it the once around.

Need to come to an agreement on the budget? Give it the once around.


I encourage you all to give the once around a once around and let me know how it goes. Get out there while the weather is still in your favor and save some time while your at it!


See you next week.



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