The Streak

I meditated this morning in our dojo. Did you know we have a dojo at mtc? It’s really quite amazing, actually. Just sitting there, next to your desk. Begging to be used. You could use it to meditate (highly recommended), you could use it to do yoga (recommended), you could use it to attempt a Skype English lesson with Leverkusen (also pretty cool, I guess). Whatever your heart desires. It is probably the most underutilized space for the majority of our internal employees. Anyway, it really got me thinking that I want to try and meditate every day. Not become a meditation guru or anything, just a few minutes every morning.

Many of you probably think you don’t have time to meditate every day, or ever, for that matter. But things become easy when you turn them into a habit. I am a firm believer in creating a streak to form habits. For those of you who don’t know, a streak is anything you do consecutively. Every day. If you miss a day you break the streak and you have to start over. The longer you go the more commitment you have to keeping the streak alive and the more accountability you have. Other popular streaks are things like; studying 15 minutes of English every day, running 1 kilometer every day, drinking a smoothie every morning, and so on and so forth.

Some streaks I currently have going. Writing a daily blog (10 days) Reading something in German (253 days) Riding my bike to work (1 day) Monday I had a flat tire, streak broken ;(

So here it is, my new streak. Meditate every day. Seems simple enough.

But, maybe I am doing too much. Maybe I am missing the point of meditation altogether. Trying to do too much when everything I have read tells me that meditation is in fact the opposite, the art of not doing. I could be wrong. I am a complete beginner and a lot of it seems contradictory to me. Focus on your breathing but don’t focus on your breathing. Relax but don’t get too comfortable. I have a long way to go but one thing is certain. It was really instrumental in setting the appropriate pace for the rest of my day. Calm, in control. I highly recommend it. Day one of the streak complete.

Created by Scott Crawford

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